November Seminar SSBD


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SSBD Seminar in IJsselstein 9/10 November 2013

Topics: Machete, Kerambit, … surprise


For Saturday and Sunday €60,-p.p. per day if you buy a ticket at the door.


You pay only €50,-p.p. per day if you register by email and pay for the Seminar in advance.

  • Caution 1

    If you don’t register your self and don’t pay in advance than you will have NO discount and you’ll pay the regular price of €60,- p.p. per day.

  • Caution 2

    The payment must been paid at least 4 days before the Seminar.
    This is because, we are making a list of Names of the people who has registered their self and has paid in advance.
    We are just too busy to arrange all so that we have no time to print the list at the last moment.

    You can pay by Bank transfer at: INGBank IBAN (NL70INGB0676857000)


    This Bank Numbers above belongs to the account of M. Horstman

  • Caution 3

    If you make the payment please write in announcements (SSBD Seminar) and how many days you’ll attend.
    This way we know that the payment is for the seminar.


What to do

On the day of the Seminar please report at least 30 minutes before the Seminar starts that you are there and come to the person who has the list with names of the people who registered them self through email and who’ve paid in advance.
The person who has the list can be Marcel Horstman or one of his assistants for that day.
If you have registered and paid in advance than your name will be there on that list.

The Training Group Members World Wide have always right for the discount in the Netherlands.
The pay not €60,- but €50,- even without registration or payment in advance.

If you are a Group leader of SSBD from any Country than you’ll pay no Fee. This is to show them respect for promoting SSBD to their country and for the loyalty to follow Maul and to come to us to train SSBD.

Additional announcement

here will be also safety goggles for sale and training knives, Machetes, Kerambits and other merchandises all related to SSBD.
About the Machetes, you can choose.
I have them for sale for €10,- per item and for rent for €7,50 per item per day.
Must been paid in advance if you want to rent. This is because we need to register your name that you rent weapons and to avoid misunderstandings.
For any question please feel free to contact me through email or phone +31619376747

Sincerely yours

— Marcel Horstman
Group leader SSBD Netherlands