Silat Suffian Bela Diri

My name is Maul Mornie. I was born in a small town known as Seria in the Belait District, in a small country on the island of Borneo known as Negara Brunei Darussalam on the 20th April 1977.

I am known for promoting a traditional silat system from Negara Brunei Darussalam known as Silat Suffian Bela Diri (SSBD).

I travel and instruct SSBD in different parts of the world to introduce Brunei Darussalam and to promote Bruneian Martial Culture and what it has to offer.

2007 was the 1st time I taught publicly. In 2008, I travelled about 31 weekends teaching Silat in different parts of the world, from the Americas, different parts of Europe, Asia and Australia.

In 2009, my seminars are booked for 45 weekends throughout different continents of the world. Bear in mind there are 52 weekend in a year.

To date, I invest almost 80 percent of my weekends traveling and teaching around the globe.

Currently I have practitioners from 14 different countries who studies and physically train directly under me. There are no long distance correspondance course, instruction through videos or video gradings in SSBD. Not that Im saying any other learning methods are wrong, its just that some sublties in some movements can only be felt and not shown. I teach as how I was taught. I am honored that these individuals and groups of people understand that true knowledge can only be obtained through “blood and sweat” and have dedicated part of thier lives in the persuit of understanding this Bruneian Martial Culture.

I am not the best, but you can rest assure, I give my best.

Im currently based in Cardiff, Wales in the UK. This is where I travel out from when Im in this part of the world. I return home to Brunei once every 3 months for 6 weeks to be with family and conduct seminars and classes on that other side of the world.

Rather then me blowing my own pipe, I will let you judge my skills, then if you think Im good enough please feel free to leave your feedback. You can watch my free videos on the Official SSBD Youtube Channel. You can also read what the Martial Arts Community Internationally say about me and SSBD HERE. I feel honored they have taken their time to do so.

Please enjoy my offerings in silat with a cup of tea or coffee. Dont hassle with what is different or what is the same. Just enjoy it as any other entertainment. If you are happy then I am happy.

We have only one life, dont hassle with the small matters. Live it to the fullest with passion and sincerity – and you will reap the rewards.

And please feel free to drop me a line whenever its convinient for you.

My respects always,

Maul Mornie