Street self-defence SSBD Intensive Summer Camp 2015

3rd Silat Suffian Bela Diri seminar of the Dutch SSBD Tour Netherlands 2015

This will be a 3 Days Open for Public SSBD workshop with Maul Mornie.
We are going to cover different topics and different weapons.
This is a must go for all Martial Artists and even for people who are inexperienced and want to learn how to defend their self on a most effective way!
We will have people from all over the world joining this amazing event. Don’t miss this guys!
Register yourself on time so that you have a place for sure.
We have limited places so think fast!
For fast thinkers (early birds) we have a discount!

Info SSBD Seminar Intensive Summer Camp 10,11 & 12 July 2015

Lindoduin 36-38
2583 BG Den Haag (Scheveningen)
The Netherlands

Long staff, Double Machete, Knife, Flexible Weapon, Kuntau.
The program will be presented on the day itself. It also depends to the group and how fast they pick up the drills we do to go more advanced into the skills.

Time Schedule:
Friday 10th start 12:30 till 17:30
Saturday 11th start 10:00 till 15:00
Sunday 12th start 10:00 till 15:00

There will be short breaks to drink water and eat fresh fruits and we will have a lunch break.
We will provide you coupons with the registration for only €5,- per day per person, what includes water, fresh fruits, small snacks and unlimited lunch. The coupons can be used whole day.

Per day the rate is €60,- + €5,- for the Coupons
But if you decide to join 3 days and pay in advance at least 1 week before this event starts than you get a discount for the workshop. You will pay only €150,- for the whole workshop That’s only €50,-p.p. per day! You will safe €30,-
(Coupons not included)


  1. There is a group discount for schools through advance registration! If you have or train in the same school and come to participate with 4 or more people and you join for the 3 days than you will pay only €45,- per person per day (coupons not included). We will ask for a membership card as a proof.
  2. How to register yourself to get the discount:
    Register yourself by email and pay for the Seminar in advance at least 1 week before the seminar starts. That’s really the deadline. After that we give no discount anymore for early birds. After this week the rate will be the same as buying the ticket at the door €60,- p.p per day

    You can pay by Bank transfer to this account number:
    IBAN (NL70INGB0676857000)

    Foreigners who would like to pay in advance for the seminar need also this BIC code (INGBNL2A)

    This Bank account number + BIC above belongs to the account of M.Horstman
    (Foreigners who want to participate please contact me before you transfer the money, there is a way to safe money!)

    If you make the payment please write in announcements (SSBD Seminar) and how many days you’ll attend.
    This way we know that the payment is for the seminar and for how many days you will participate.

  3. Next to do:
    On the day of the Seminar please report at least 30 minutes before the Seminar starts that you are there and come to the person who has the list with your name on it.
    The person who has the list can be Marcel Horstman or Karin Huizer or one of their assistants for that day.
    If you have registered and paid in advance than your name will be there on that list.
    There is also a fill up form for the insurance what you need to fill up.
    Without filling up this form and paying for your fee it is not allowed to participate any of our SSBD Seminars.
  4. If you are a Group leader of SSBD from any Country than you’ll pay NO Fee. This is to show them respect for their dedication and for promoting SSBD to their country and for the loyalty to follow Maul and to come to us to train with us and share our passion.
  5. There will be also safety goggles, training knives, weapons and other merchandises for sale.

For any question please feel free to contact me through email or phone +31619376747 (Marcel Horstman, SSBD Group Leader Netherlands)

Hotel information:
Hotels available in Scheveningen. (Den Haag)
Book on time people, because many interested people will participate our SSBD Seminars. We had on our previous Seminars people traveling from 10 different countries just to participate our Seminars! This means that we have an A location for SSBD Seminars!
At the same time Scheveningen is also a high recommended place to stay for your holiday. Lots of tourists are coming here from all over the world to celebrate all the beach parties and summer festivals. And of course to spend time on our most beautiful boulevard and Beach.

The Hotels are between €49,- till €100,-
It will depend what Hotel u take.
Here is a list where u can choose from.

  • Jorplace Beach Hostel (cheapest option from €17,- and up per night)
    Address: Keizerstraat 296
    Zippcode: 2584 BN
    City: Den Haag/Scheveningen
    Tel. +31 (0)70 3383 270
  • Strandhotel Scheveningen
    Address: Zeekant 111
    Zippcode: 2586 JJ
    City: Den Haag/Scheveningen
    Tel: +31(0)70-3540193
  • Hotel Aquarius
    Address: Zeekant 110
    Zippcode: 2586 JJ
    City: Den Haag/Scheveningen
    Tel: +31 (0)70 – 354 3543
  • New City Hotel
    Address: Renbaanstraat 1
    Zippcode: 2586 EW
    City: Den Haag/Scheveningen
    Tel: +31 (0) 70 355 7966
  • Hotel Bor
    Address: Haagsestraat 53
    Zippcode: 2587TG
    Tel: +31 (0)70 354 5803
  • Hotel ’t Witte Huys
    Address: Bosschestraat 2
    Zippcode: 2587HE
    City: Den Haag/ Scheveningen
    Tel: +31 (0) 70 335 3712
  • Hotel BellaVista 1
    Address: Gevers Deynootweg 1 till 5
    Zippcode: 2586BB
    City: Scheveningen (Den Haag)
    Tel: +31 (0)70 338 8422
  • Hotel BellaVista 2
    Address: Dirk Hoogenraadstraat 214
    Zippcode: 2586TR
    City: Scheveningen (Den Haag)
    Tell: +31 (0)70 338 8422
  • Hotel ‘t Sonnenhuys
    Address: Renbaanstraat 2
    Zippcode: 2586GB
    City: Scheveningen (Den Haag)
    Tell: +31 (0)70 354 6170
  • Hotel Mimosa
    Address: Renbaanstraat 18-24
    Zippcode: 2586GB
    City: Scheveningen (Den Haag)
    Tell: +31 (0)70 354 8137
  • Hotel Bilderberg
    Address: Zwolsestraat 2
    Zippcode: 2587VJ
    City: Scheveningen (Den Haag)
    Tell: +31 (0)70 416 9595

Don’t choose Empire Hotel Scheveningen located at the Keizerstraat!
This Hotel is NOT ok! (It’s Haunted!) 😉

This is just a short list out of many Hotels here in Scheveningen near to the Location where we keep our Seminar.
You can check also by yourself for Hotels online, but this are the cheapest Hotels I could find. It doesn’t mean that there aren’t cheaper hotels nearby. This is just an option.

If you need to catch your flight the next day than you better stay the last night in v/d Valk Hotel Schiphol (schiphol Airport Amsterdam)
They have a free shuttle to the schiphol Airport. A great Hotel for a good price. You will love it.

v/d Valk Hotel Schiphol A4
Address: Rijksweg A4 Nr. 3
Zipcode: 2132MA
Place: Hoofddorp
Phone: +31 252675335
Email: is on website
The breakfast is also here very good!

For more hotels in Scheveningen check the link below: Hotels in Scheveningen

See you soon
Have a safe trip!
Sincerely yours

Marcel Horstman
Group leader SSBD Netherlands