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First Open SSBD seminar of 2020, 14th & 15th March

We sincerely regret to inform you all that the First Open SSBD seminar of 2020 has to be canceled due to the current events concerning the outbreak of COVID-19 a.k.a. the Coronavirus.

– Marcel Horstan
Groupleader SSBD (TGNL)

For any question please feel free to contact me through email:

or call/whatsapp +31619376747

(Marcel Horstman, SSBD Groupleader Training Group Netherlands)

3 days SSBD Summer Camp at Scheveningen Beach

We from Warisan International Martial Arts Academy presents

a 3 days open SSBD Summer training camp in the Netherlands with Maul Mornie. This event will take place on the 13th till the 15th of September 2019.
Please read all. Here you will find all about the new location and about Hotels.
This will be an Special 3 Days Open for Public SSBD Seminar with Maul Mornie. This is a must go for all Martial Artists! We are going to cover different topics and possibly different kind of weapons. We will have participants from all over the world joining this amazing event. Don’t miss it!! Register yourself on time so that you have a place for sure. We have limited places available so better decide fast!


For fast thinkers (early birds) we have a Promo (For those who register and pay in advance for the whole Seminar which means for all 3 days) You pay only €185,- instead of €210,- This offer will last until one week before the seminar starts until the 6th of September. After the 6th of September we will charge the prices for door tickets à €70,- a day, for more info please read below.

Info SSBD Seminar 13th till 15th of September 2019


Indoor Beach Centrum LindoBeach
Lindoduin 36-38
2583 BG The Hague
The Netherlands

The Topics for the event we will cover:

Entries, fundamental drills, footwork, joint locks, sweeps and takedowns.

Day 1 – unarmed knife defence.

Day 2 – Knife Vs Knife

Day 3 – Double Kerambit vs Knife


Marcel Horstman

Time Schedule:
Friday the 13th start 15:00 till 21:00
Saturday the 14th start 12:30 till 18:30
Sunday the 15th start 10:00 till 16:00

There will be short breaks to drink water and eat fresh fruits. We won’t arrange food anymore for participants, because we throw to much food away after the training. So please take care for your own lunch and snacks. We have water, fruits and some sweet snacks available.

We can provide you with our coupons at the registration desk for free which includes water, fresh fruits, small snacks. The coupons can be used during the whole Seminar.

Per day the rate is €70,- when you register and pay in advance! People from abroad can pay at the door €70,- after registration at least 1 week before the seminar starts; this does reduce extra costs for bank transfer fees.

If you decide to join 3 days and you do the registration and payment in advance at least 1 week before this event starts you will enjoy our promo! You will pay only €185,- instead of €210,-

Door tickets are €80,- even if you have registered yourself and pay at the event. The €70,- per day is only valid if you pay in advance at least 1 week before the seminar starts.

Deadline is the 6th of September, on this day the money need to be on the given account in the details of this event.

Due the rate of the flight tickets and other expenses which have influence on the total cost to make this event possible we were forced to raise the fee of the Seminars what we organize the rate will be €70,- per day per person.

Door tickets will be €80,- for the SSBD seminars even if you have registered yourself in advance and you pay at the event.

So make sure you register and make the payment in advance if you want to get the regular price of the seminar fee what is mentioned above for this event.


  1. There is a group discount for schools through advance registration and payment! If you have a school or train in the same school and come to participate with 4 or more people than you will pay only €60,- per person per day. We will ask for a membership card as a proof. This discount is only valid by registration and payment in advance and participating the whole seminar (which means 3 days.)
  2. How to register yourself and make the payment in advance: Register yourself by email and pay for the Seminar €70,- per day in advance at least 1 week before the seminar starts. This is really the deadline. After this week the rate will be €80,- p.p per day. * Only when you registration and pay in advance the rate will be €70,- per day. In all other cases we will charge the regular door price of €80,- per day. We have a promo! **This Promo is only valid by registration and payment in advance and participating the whole seminar (which means 3 days.) If you decide to join us for the whole seminar which means 3 days then you pay only €185,- instead of €210,- or €240,- You can pay by Bank transfer to this account number: IBAN (NL70INGB0676857000) Foreigners who would like to pay in advance for the seminar need also this BIC code (INGBNL2A) This Bank account number + BIC above belongs to the account of M.Horstman If you make the payment please write in announcements (SSBD Seminar) and how many days you’ll attend. And please write down your full name. This way we know that the payment is for the seminar and for how many days you will participate.
  3. Next to do:
    On the day of the Seminar please report at least 30 minutes before the Seminar starts that you are there and come to the person who has the list with your name on it. The person who has the list can be Marcel Horstman or one of his assistants for that day. If you have registered and paid in advance than your name will be on that list. There is also a fill up form for the insurance what you need to fill up. Without filling up this form and paying for your fee it is not allowed to participate any of our SSBD or other Seminars organized by Warisan International Martial Arts Academy. If you are a Group leader of SSBD from any Country than you’ll pay NO Fee. This is to show them respect for their dedication and for promoting SSBD to their country and for the loyalty to follow Maul and to come to us to train with us and share our passion.
  4. There will be also safety goggles, training knives, weapons, t-shirts and other merchandises for sale. Wearing safety goggles is required.
  5. There is no restitution possible after the payment. Because we had expanses for the seminar and all what comes with it to organize this event. In some cases, we offer to come to the next Seminar, but cancellations need to be done 24 hours before the Seminar starts. If you cancel within 24 hours or less then you lose all rights. For any question please feel free to contact me through email: or call/whatsapp +31619376747 (Marcel Horstman, SSBD Group Leader Netherlands)

For Hotels please check the link below:

Register at or WhatsApp at +31619376747
BE THERE!!!!!!